About Us

Pediatric doctor checking baby

At Acclaim Physician Group, patients are our number one priority. Acclaim Physician Group was designed as a multi-specialty medical practice group to align clinical providers with a common goal of providing the best and most affordable care for our patients.

We are committed to improving population health through patient-centered practices, aligned to health outcomes, access to primary and specialty care, medical and operational efficiencies, innovative programs, and cutting-edge research to help our community get well and stay well.

We believe our success will be rooted in our commitment to consistently provide safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and high quality patient-centered care. We will hold ourselves accountable in the fulfillment of this compact and gratefully acknowledge the contributions and efforts of others in our success.

Acclaim Physician Group offers its providers the opportunity to be part of a network that puts patients first. Our medical specialists are improving health together.


Serve others by creating a transparent, trusting, respectful and safe environment. Be inclusive – of thoughts, ideas and people. Support academic, educational and research endeavors.


Maintain a collaborative environment in the selection of relevant and achievable performance metrics. Support process improvement through timely reporting of collaborative behaviors and measureable outcomes.


Sustain fair market compensation with a pay for performance component aligned to quality care and clinical outcomes, patient-centered care, operational and service excellence, individual and group productivity, while simultaneously acknowledging value for teaching and research. Actively participate in our financial success by optimizing resources.


Conduct ourselves with honestly, trustworthiness and dependability. Do what is right, not just what is easy-even if no one is looking.