Improving Health Together

Acclaim is a multi-specialty medical group with a commitment to exemplary care, education and research. Our mission is to provide a professional and honest approach to health care for the community we serve. Acclaim providers are recognized every year as some of the best in Fort Worth.

Our Top Services

Behavioral Health – Cancer Care – Diabetes – Digestive Health – Heart Health – High Blood Pressure – Menopause – Musculoskeletal Pain – Obstetrics and Gynecology – Orthopedics – Pregnancy – Primary Care – Pulmonary and Lung – Sleep Apnea – Sports Medicine

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Improving Health Together

For more information about our services and doctors, please call or email us. The Acclaim medical offices are located throughout Tarrant County. The Acclaim administrative office is located in the Fort Worth hospital district.

Why Our Patients Love Us

“My doctor is caring, patient, and extremely knowledgeable and knows his patients really well. He communicates clearly and takes time to make sure you understand.”

“Everyone that works at the clinic are AWESOME!! From the front desk, lab, nurses and the doctor I feel very loved and respected. They all care about me and others there. I trust my doctor and I believe in my doctor she cares about all of us. I believe she’s the BEST in TEXAS!!!!!”

“My doctor is the best!! She has diagnosed both my current and past problems just by talking with me. Fantastic doctor, very thorough and patient.”
“My doctor is professional, asks a lot of questions, gives good feedback and advice. I trust him completely! The nurses are friendly as well.”
“My specialist was a good, caring, very understanding, very helpful person. And very cheerful and happy, and a very outgoing person.”
“I’d like to say that my doctor is very informative and very progressive in trying to help me maintain my diabetes and preventative measures.”
“My doctor is very caring, and she listens to me and she gives me the best advice. Not only that, she has been very helpful in my bariatric journey after losing so much weight.”
“My new doctor was like a breath of fresh air. Caring most about helping me with a strategy to eliminate the root of my problem, rather than just throwing medications at me to take. I’m excited about putting all his recommendations into practice.”
“I felt like I truly found a doctor that cares about me and what’s good for me. I left feeling like WE had a plan for my health. She helped me to listen to what my body was saying what MY needs are and didn’t just put me in a box…”